TestFlight | iOS beta testing on the fly“Quick.Painless.Magical.”

The official tagline for TestFlight gets an easy 9 out of 10 on our “Affirma Scale of Tagline Boldness”.  After updating our workflow here at Affirma to leverage some of TestFlight’s goodness I can safely say we are believers.

Basically, Testflight lets us a do a few things that are otherwise time consuming and less fun than digging into the applications we develop:

  • Enroll people into our beta tests
  • Easily manage our beta testers
  • Deliver the .IPA’s to our beta testers
  • Push out updated builds to beta testers

We did these things before, but using TestFlight we are able to manage the processes with less effort.  This is a clear win.

In addition to easing of our workload, this process is easier on our beta testers.  We have clients that span a wide spectrum of technical abilities.  For some, the process of loading beta apps on their iOS devices was challenging.  In the past we were certainly able to walk them through the process, but in our time with TestFlight there has been a measurable decrease in support requests.  Let’s call this a win for Affirma and win for our testers.  Double wins are rare and TestFlight made it possible.

You can learn more about Testflight at their site testflightapp.com

If you want to learn more about Affirma Consulting’s mobile practice email us.

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