Affirma Consulting

Affirma is a Seattle based consulting firm founded by Michael Brown and Mark Mason in 2001 with three main competencies: Web Development, Data Management and Collaboration.
Michael and Mark historically worked in large consulting firms. After seeing the frequency at which projects failed, they spun off a consulting firm dedicated to delivering dependable and reliable solutions that meet client needs. Every project has been a successful implementation and the Affirma team continues to deliver successful projects. Affirma’s motto is quality solutions on time, on budget, everytime.

Affirma Consulting Founders

Michael Brown
Michael attended Harvard University studying computer science and has 13 years programming experience. Michael consulted at Nutley Systems which was subsequently acquired by US Web Corporation. He was a founding member and Chief Technology Officer of, a 100 person Internet product company. Subsequent to, Michael consulted as a senior developer at Free Rein, Inc., a company focused on developing wireless Internet based solutions.

Mark Mason
Mark attended Seattle Pacific University studying electrical engineering and also has 13 years programming experience. His experience closely mirrors Michael beginning his career with Nutley Systems and becoming the 7th employee at At iSolute, Mark was the development manager and Senior Database Engineer.

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